This page will be used to add all the previous modules which I have studied. I will add the current modules which I am studying also.

BScH-Year 1:

The first year of my course we covered many different modules. All of the modules covered spanned out into both first and second semester. This course covers mostly the programming language Java, which as some people know, is the most widespread language with over 3 billion devices which use Java for their functionality.

Computer Programming:

This module covered the introduction and use of the Java programming language. Here I got myself familiarized with how to write Java programs. We created/built different types of programs, some were trivial and some were quite complex. We created some games using Java like: Slot machine and Zombie Dice.

Overall, a very good module, run very well, and helped me start learning, and enjoying to learn, programming languages.

Client Side Web Development:

For this module, we have covered creating, designing, and managing websites. We have learned to use Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript. Basically all the basics of a website. For our final project, we designed and created a website for a makeshift movie theater right here on college campus.

Overall an interesting subject with lots of challenges, especially on the style and design of the website (colors and layout etc.).


For this module, we have learned about the basics about computer hardware, right down to the circuits and machine code. We covered how computers work and how they can be programmed. One extra string of this module was covered as well which involved System Software. In System Software we covered Assembly Language. For this language we were thought the Assembly 8086 Intel based programming language. We built programs like Traffic Lights and stepper motors.

Overall, an interesting subject with lots of information to cover. Basically, you would have to start from learning about what a Bit and Byte is and work your way up from there.

Foundations of Computing:

This module covered the basics of mathematics. Do not let the module name fool you, this is just maths. We covered all the maths relevant to computers.

There is not much to talk about for this module other than it getting tougher at the end of the year.

Business Information Systems:

This module covered the basic business aspects of computer systems. The module covered how systems are implemented, how they are designed, and built. We covered subjects like the IPO model, reasons to implement an Information System, and we had a final report for which I had to talk about Anti-Malware systems available at the time.

Overall an interesting subject and covers a lot of information on Information Systems.

BScH-Year 2:

The second year of my course was a little more complex. The year split into two semesters with 2 different set  of modules. First semester had 4 modules and the second semester had 4 different modules.

The first semester was not too difficult, the second semester accelerated up and got a lot more difficult.

Object Oriented Programming:

This module extended our programming module from first year. Here we covered a lot about the object oriented side of Java. The lecturer was very knowledgeable and helped  understand the topic very well. I enjoyed this topic and had fun learning.

Probability and Statistics:

This module was all maths, but covered a specific topic of probability and statistics (as in the name). There is not much to talk about for this module, I can go on into all the algorithms we learnt but it would be too thorough, I would like to give brief explanations.

The module had a great lecturer and I understood everything about the topic very well. It was a most enjoyable module.

Relational Databases:

For this module we learned how to design, develop, and create databases using SQL. We covered Entity Relationship Diagrams, MySQL, and the Structured Query Language. This module was interesting and showed us how much finesse is required in creating a database. It requires a lot of planning, and research.

Overall an interesting module and I had fun learning about databases.

“Drop The Database!” – unknown

System Analysis and Design:

This module covered how systems are designed, developed, and implemented in an industry. We covered all modern means of developing systems. There are a lot of them so I will not provide them all, an example would be: Waterfall model or Agile.

For this module we had a group project which I am particularity proud of, the project took a lot of time but paid off in the end. My group completed a project on Posh Cars, a made up company which was having trouble creating their cars to spec. Our project helped create an efficient system which would not only fix the companies problem, but make it reduce a lot of costs. It was a fine project, a lot of hard work.

Overall an interesting but challenging module. I enjoyed the module.

Data Structures and Algorithms:

In this module we covered more programming concepts. As the module title, this module expanded our knowledge of programming (Java specifically), on data structures and algorithms. The data structures part covered things like: Binary Search Trees, Hash Tables, AVL Trees etc. For the algorithms, we covered things like: sorting algorithms (Insertion, selection, bubble etc.), and the cost of the algorithms to run (big O etc).

I most enjoyed this module, but was quite difficult.

Linear Algebra:

This module covered a section on maths, linear algebra. Not much to speak about this module. I found it particularly hard, because you think you know maths and you lay back but then the test hits you like a steamroller. The most interesting part I found was the Gauss/Jordan elimination on matrices.

Operating Systems Design:

For this module, we covered how operating systems function, and are designed. An interesting module, but I have said this about many modules (but is was just like the others). We covered a lot of groundwork for the understanding operating systems. There was much to cover in this module but for me, I found it quite easy.

Server Side Web Development:

For this module, we covered more topics which evolved out Client Side Web Development module. Here we learnt about PHP, and servers (how to put a website on a server). We had a group project for this module which I most enjoyed. We built a website on a gym and had a lot of functionality. Now that I am doing this CMS module and realize how much easier it is to build a website using it, that work looks so tough in comparison. But I think that knowledge, is most important than learning about CMS first, building something from the ground up, starting with the fist line to the last, is much more pleasing.

BScH-Year 3:

For this year, there is a work placement module which is covered after the first semester. I will say it straight off, that I did not get a work placement for the second semester. I would not be doing this module otherwise. We would not be here right now talking about my modules and blogging about my studies. Don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing. We just move on.

Introduction to Formal Design:

In this module, we covered a form of maths which I most enjoyed. We covered maths which showed proof that an algorithms will work or will not work. There are methods which can be used to determine whether an algorithm is feasible or not, there is were the fun lies. I did very well in this module, maybe because I enjoyed it so much, it even got competitive, trying to get the highest score on the class tests.

Programming Paradigms:

In this module, we covered a new language, Scala. For this we learnt about using the new language to complete, and solve math problems. Somebody once said, that computer science is just a fancy work for maths, well they were not wrong. A challenging module. but was well worth its time.

Networks and Data Communications:

This module covered the topics on Networks. We learnt about how we networks are set up, how they interact, and the type of systems used. We went through a brief history of how the internet came to be, and how we use that in today’s world. There was a lot of comparisons in this module, like why would you use this form of data transport. I found this quite useful. Topics like: why would you use satellite over fiber optic etc.

HCI and GUI Programming:

Human Computer Interaction and Graphical User Interface are the acronyms for this module. Here we learnt about how we interact and what brought about the interaction of computer interfaces. We built some JavaFX programs for this module with a project which involved building a game. The game we built was Abalone and was quite challenging to build. I enjoyed this module, especially the neurological science behind why visuals help increase productivity in how we interact with an application/program.

Content Management Systems:

The reason behind this blog website. This is why I am doing this website. For this module we are introduced to CMS and the use of CMS. Currently, I am not finished this module so I have no real insight to the module. At the moment I am completing the project for this module, so once this module is done, I will update this paragraph.

Group Project:

This is a module that I am currently working on, so some of the content for this may be found on the blog page. I am updating my groups progress on this project and once it is complete, I will update this paragraph.


So that concludes all the modules my course covers up to now, I have one more year left after this semester. If I continue with is blog, after my CMS module is finished, stay tuned for more content.

Thank you,


Oleg Shiyanov.