Modules Page

I have completed the modules page for this site. I would recommend a read of all the modules covered in my course. Hopefully you find them interesting and not too brief.



So I have decided to complete the CMS Project on a gym website. The site will consist of all thing about the gym, classes, staff, blog on classes, contact form, about, and some more pages that I have not considered adding. It would be an interesting idea and hopefully it will be good enough as the project. The project deadline is 24th of April, but that is more than enough time for me to complete it, I have done more in a shorter period of time. How hard could it be, I have done a lot of groundwork and templates already, just need to add the content.


At the moment I am working with Drupal to create a website for my Project for CMS. I have decided to work with a partner, Stephen, yet again. We will try and build a sophisticated and well built website to ensure to receive good marks.

I also must maintain this site every week but as time goes on, it begins to become harder and harder, mostly because I have nothing to talk about. Hopefully I will have a breakthrough in my Group Project or maybe in my CMS. Hard to tell now. I don’t want to talk too much about my personal life or random events, it’ll have to be my studies.